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Learn the Holy Breath Mantra to learn how to Deep Breathe and get more  Deep
Sleep to Rejuvenate your entire Being!


You're very fortunate to be living in these times.  On 12, 21,12 we switched from the Old Age of Pisces to the New Golden Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Holy Breath. In the Age of the Holy Breath you have to learn the Holy Breath Mantra to learn how to Deep Breathe all day long like a child  and relax so you can learn how to Deep Sleep for extra hours every night because you and everyone else is getting less Deep Sleep every night due to the high increase of Spiritual energy in the Universe now a days. This is causing you/them Stress and all of the stress related health issues that come with it.

1981 God our Father blessed Fafa with the Holy Breath Mantra, a Deep Breathing Mantra during meditation to assist him in his Spiritual Awakening (Spiritual Enlightenment) in 1982. He was learning Tai-Chi, Taoist Yoga and Medical Qigong at the time. Repeating the Holy Breath  Mantra ( Tan-Tien Breathing Exercise) (Tan Tien 1, Tan Tien 2, Tan Tien 3, Tan Tien 4, Tan Tien 5) while keeping his mind on his Tan Tien (located 2.3 inches below the navel and 1/3 inside your body) as he inhaled through out the day while he was exercising or not taught him how to convert his breathing back to deep breathing.  Fafa has excellent Health at 57 years old, he Deep Sleeps 90% ( natural Deep Sleeper since child hood) of his nights sleep, he looks young for his age, his skin glows with Vitality, his eyes glisten, he vibrates at a higher frequency and you can feel peaceful energy emanate from his body when you are in his presence.

Being able to Breathe Deep  like a little child constantly fills his/your body with healing and purifying oxygen to remove stagnation energy blockages, teaches you how to Deep Sleep longer, puts less strain on the brain thus allowing him/you to live a longer healthier, happier life.

Fafa was blessed by God our Father with the Holy Breath Mantra ( Deep  Breathing Exercise) (the gift of the Holy Spirit)  so he can teach you how to Deep Breathe and Deep Sleep.  He will teach you how to breathe like a child, relax at a high level and you will be able to Deep Sleep for extra hours every night to rejuvenate yourself. You will begin to look younger and younger as your body begins to Rejuvenate itself with Deep Sleep purifying Life Force Energy. Learn how to safely Deep Breathe Like a Child in 30 days or less of dedicated practice.

Please beware that if you  don't  learn how to Deep Breathe like a child and relax at a high level you will get less and less Deep Sleep as you age to promote sickness and disease. This will speed up  your aging process (wrinkles, sagging skin, etc...)  at a much faster rate then someone that is Deep Breathing like a child and Sleeping Deep for extra hours every night. Deep Breathing and Deep Sleep like a little child will also give you resistance to sickness and disease while incorrect breathing (chest breathing) and Lite Sleep will leave you open to sickness and disease.

The Holy Breath Mantra is the only Deep  Breathing Mantra ( Deep Breathing Exercise) of its kind that teaches you how to Breathe Deep like a child and how to get extra hours of Deep Sleep every night. Extra Deep Sleep every night rejuvenates your cells/organs, erases stress from your life, gives you energy , vitality, prevents heart disease, prevents diabetes, eliminates cancer causing cells, detoxes your body, slows down your aging process etc... The Holy Breath Mantra system coincides with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The average young/old person has sleeping problems because they don't sleep the required amount of sleep every night and they only Sleep Deep 1-2 hours before they turn 42, 30 minutes-45 minutes from 43-60 years of age, 30 minutes from 61-80 years old,  0 minutes from 80 and beyond. The root of all of their/your health problems is associated with lack of Quality Deep Sleep in their/your life.  The Holy Breath Mantra teaches you how to Deep Breathe 4 times per minute and will add hours of extra Deep Sleep every night to your life so you can rejuvenate your entire being daily, live a long, healthy and peaceful life in this energy demanding New age of Aquarius.

The Holy Breath  Mantra ( Deep Breathing Exercise) basic written  instructions on how to Relax, Breathe Deep all day long like a child, Deep Sleep extra hours nightly for advanced students and the NEW Holy Breath Mantra Secret Stages instructions for advanced students are FREE on-line. They also include instructional videos of a Special set of Medical Qigong, Joint Exercises and other Qigong Exercises that are also taught by Fafa for your Health and Well Being! For all ages and fitness levels.

The Key secrets to a long and healthy life is to learn the Holy Breath Mantra to Relax, Breathe Deep all day long and Deep Sleep  for hours every night!

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